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Dr. Asher Bashiri Heads Top Medical Conference

ISEF alumnus, Dr. Asher Bashiri, Director of Maternity C at the Soroka University Medical Center in Beer Sheva, Israel, served as president of the Second Annual World Congress on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL), January 19-22, 2017, in Cannes, France. The conference drew hundreds of leaders in the field from countries across the globe.asher-bashiri

An expert in RPL, Dr. Bashiri has been running the clinic in Beer Sheva for nearly 16 years, and has built a unique database, which includes information on more than 1,000 patients with varying clinical issues. He has published more than 75 papers, peer-reviewed journal articles and several studies on the clinical aspects of RPL.  In 2012, Dr. Bashiri was among 12 exceptional ISEF recipients of the Edmond J. Safra Alumni Society Award at ISEF’s 35th anniversary gala.

Dr. Bashiri, also head of pre-med studies at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Ben Gurion University Medical Center, organized the first world conference on RPL in January 2016 as a key initiative to promote international collaboration to advance understanding of the causes of RPL and to ultimately find a cure.

In addition to his clinical work, Professor Bashiri serves as the director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology clerkship for 5th year medical students, the chair of the Research Project Committee, and the chair of the final OBGYN examination committee at Ben Gurion University. He also headed academic activities in the OBGYN Department at Soroka for more than seven years, and advises more than 25 research students. Since 2015, Dr. Bashiri has served as Chair of ISEF’s Academic Committee.Since the publication last year of his book, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Evidence-Based Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment, Dr. Bashiri has been speaking at leading international medical conferences to promote his breakthrough findings.