ISEF scholars at Shamoon College of Engineering

Edmond J. Safra ISEF Alumni Society

The Edmond J. Safra Society of ISEF Alumni was inaugurated in 2010 to further the connection between ISEF and our alumni after graduation and to recognize their most notable achievements. Members hold key positions in all sectors of Israeli society and serve as a source of inspiration, encouragement, and strength for ISEF’s current scholars.


Dr. Osnat Akirav
Osnat earned her Ph.D. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a researcher and faculty member at Western Galilee College. Osnat has always been involved in a wide range of public and volunteer activities, among them, she is a member of the WomenPower Association and chair of the Education Committee of the Kfar V’radim Local Council. Osnat was an ISEF Scholar from her first degree through her Post Doctorate studies. Born in Beer Sheva, Osnat and is married and has four children.
Dr. Asher Bashiri
Dr. Bashiri lives in Be’er Sheva where he was born and raised. He is married and the father of four children. A senior gynecologist at the Soroka University Medical Center’s Delivery and Gynecology Unit, and senior lecturer at the Ben Gurion University’s Faculty of Medicine. He specializes in childbirth, high risk pregnancies, repeat pregnancy losses, mother and fetus medicine and ultrasound. Asher sees his profession as a personal mission for promoting the health system in the Negev. Asher was a member of the ISEF Foundation during his internship in New York.
Dr. Miriam Biton
Miriam holds a Ph.D. in Law (J.S.D.) from the University of Michigan and is an Assistant Professor of Law at Bar-Ilan University.  Her articles have appeared in leading U.S. journals. She conducted her postdoctoral research as a Microsoft Fellow at University of California at Berkeley and was an ISEF International Fellow from her second degree all the way to her Doctorate studies. Born in Ashqelon, Miriam now lives in Giv’at Shmuel.
Dr. Yves Biton
A graduate of the Ben-Gurion University School of Medicine, Yves has devoted many years to working to improve Israel’s healthcare delivery systems. He is the founder and head of the Med-Trix Corporation. Yves was an ISEF Scholar during his M.D. studies and previously served as a volunteer member of the ISEF Foundation’s Executive Committee.  He remains involved with the organization.  Yves was born in France and now lives in Ra’anana with his wife and three children.
Dr. Meir Buzaglo
A resident of Jerusalem, Meir is married and a father of five. He is a member of the Philosophy Faculty at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Meir’s fields of research include the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of Judaism, and he is considered one of Israel’s most important original thinkers. Meir is a leader of the renewal of Jewish tradition and liturgical poetry (piyyut) in Israel, and in recent years he has also led the Tikkun movement for social change. Meir was an ISEF Scholar from his 2nd degree all the way to his Post Doctorate studies.
Mr. Eyal Edry
Born in Safed, Eyal is married and a father of two. He lives in Haifa, owns a business in Gush Segev, and represents Israeli firms in West Africa. Eyal is very involved in civic issues: he is among the founders of Zionism 2000, a member of the executive committee of the River of Children Village Association, and a founder of B’atzmi (For Myself ). Eyal and his brothers have set up a family foundation that develops civic initiatives and projects in their home city of Safed. In the course of his IDF service, Eyal was injured and he remains classified as 100% disabled by the IDF. He earned his B.A. and M.A. in Psychology with distinction and was an ISEF Scholar during his M.A. studies.
Mr. Eli Elezra
Born in Morocco, Eli is married and a father of three. He grew up and went to school in Ashqelon. Eli owns several major Israeli corporations, including Afridar, the Elbar Leasing Corporation, and the Hachsharat HaYishuv Insurance Corporation. From a young age, Eli was active in his community and was among the founders of Students For Ashqelon. Eli has chosen to remain in Ashqelon and raise his family there; he has even started a family foundation that makes major investment’s in Ashqelon community development and in the ISEF Foundation’s education projects. Eli was an ISEF scholar during his M.A. studies.
Prof. Yehuda Hadad
Born in Beer Sheva, Yehuda lives in Lehavim; he is married and a father of four. He serves as President of Shamoon College of Engineering. Prof. Haddad is internationally recognized as an authority in the field of advanced materials for use in space and in auto production, publishing dozens of articles in international journals and addressing conferences all over the world. Yehuda was an ISEF Scholar from his second degree all the way to his Post Doctorate studies.
Dr. Adi Kol
A resident of Tel Aviv, Adi is the Dean of Students at the Interdisciplinary Center.  A former Knesset member, Adi holds a Ph.D. in Law (J.S.D.) from Columbia University in New York. She is the founder and director of “University for All,” which opens the world of higher education to disadvantaged population groups. For her work, Adi was awarded the 2012 Knesset Speaker’s Prize for narrowing social gaps and building bridges between population groups in Israeli society. Adi was an ISEF International Fellow during her J.S.D. studies.
Prof. Avi Levi
Born in Morocco, Avi is married and a father of five. He made Aliyah in 1963 and grew up in a tent camp in Jerusalem. Today he is President of Hemdat HaDarom Academic College. Avi has devoted his life to education, scholarly research, and the community, and he spearheads many projects in these areas which contribute to the development of high-quality teaching methods, of education in the sciences, and of top-quality research and living standards in Israel’s periphery. Avi was an ISEF Scholar from his first degree all the way to his Post Doctorate studies.
Dr. Israel Sela
Dr. Sela is the Founder and Director of the “Heart” Organization-Center for At Risk Boarding School Graduates, and manages the Center for Academic Grade Improvement for high school pupils in South East Tel Aviv. Israel dedicates his life to bringing children and teens closer to education and has received many awards, such as the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s Education Award from the Hatikva Neighborhood Committee. Israel was a member of the ISEF Foundation during his second degree and Ph.D. studies.  Israel and his wife have four children and reside in Herzliya.
Mr. Yosef Yosefy
A resident of Ashqelon, Yosef is married and has one child. He is a judge in the Beer Sheva Regional Labor Courts, prior to which he ran a successful law firm in Ashqelon. He has been involved in public and volunteer activities for many years, and currently sits on the National Judges’ Board and offers lectures at various social change organizations. Yosef was an ISEF Scholar during his law degree studies.