ISEF scholars at Shamoon College of Engineering

Science Builds the Nation

“Science Builds the Nation” is ISEF’s ground-breaking partnership with Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office.

Israel’s achievements in high-tech have made headlines and friends for Israel around the globe.  But to sustain its leadership, Israel must educate many more engineers and scientists for the future! 
The Prime Minister’s Office chose ISEF to lead its initiative to expand STEM degrees among young Israelis from the periphery, where few get to college. The Prime Minister chose ISEF for its outstanding record: over 95% of our students stay the course and get their degrees.
“Science Builds the Nation” is enrolling 120 aspiring new scientists and engineers, from families where no one ever went to college. Next year we’ll reach close to 200! 
This program is on track to have a double impact – boosting Israel’s high-tech sector while inspiring youth in  marginalized communities where college seems a distant dream.