Because Israel's single greatest natural resource is the minds of its young people. ISEF opens the doors to higher education for more than 400 promising young Israelis from underserved and immigrant communities throughout Israel. Learn More


ISEF Co-Founder and Honorary Chair Lily Safra received an honorary doctorate from the Technion in 2018 "for her outstanding support of the ISEF program that helped thousands of students throughout Israel, including hundreds within the Technion."



ISEF alumna Dr. Karin Carmit Yefet was named "Outstanding Researcher of the Year" by the University of Haifa.

Karin was chosen from among the entire university faculty to receive this prestigious award, and all of us in the ISEF family - students, alumni, and supporters - may take great pride in her achievement!

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Get Involved!

Meet other young Jewish professionals who share your love of Israel, enjoy professional networking opportunities, and take an active role in ISEF’s future. Whatever your interest or skill set, you can help ISEF grow through a wide range of initiatives: plan special events, develop marketing tools, advance ISEF’s visibility on Facebook and Twitter.

Connect to ISEF in Israel
If you are planning a trip to Israel, studying abroad on an Israeli campus, or know someone who is, please contact us so that we can coordinate your visit to one of over 30 exciting projects happening in nearly a dozen communities all over Israel. Whether you are staying in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or Haifa – there are ISEF programs for university and college students, children, and youth that you can experience first hand.
Email Nancy Wellins, Acting Executive Director, at nwellins@verizon.net to learn how you can connect with ISEF in Israel and find out about volunteer opportunities during your Israel stay!

Bridge to College

This fund is helping hundreds of at-risk Israeli teens to finish high school and qualify for college.

ISEF pairs each vulnerable teen with an ISEF university student mentor from a similar background. The teens look up to our students--who tutor them in tough subjects, boost their confidence, and show them the way forward to a better future through higher education.

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Student Testimonials

ISEF Alum & Nesher Mayor Speaks at Bridge to College Fund Event

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Lily and Edmund Safra

ISEF was founded in 1977 by Edmond J. Safra z"l, Lily Safra and Nina Weiner.


The acclaimed memoir by ISEF President Nina Weiner shares the joys and challenges of building the ISEF Foundation and the exciting life journey which led her to that purpose. “Weiner writes with great zest and a clear-eyed devotion to facts and to the harsh realities of life that awaited displaced Jews from the Middle East upon their arrival in Israel.” – Andre Aciman, author of Out of Egypt Click to purchase Circles of Empowerment on Amazon. All proceeds benefit ISEF.