Because Israel's single greatest natural resource is the minds of its young. ISEF opens the doors of higher education for more than 400 promising young....

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ISEF Alumna, Dr. Yifat Biton, is this year's winner of the Bernice S. Tannenbaum Award. Yifat is honored for establishing "Tmura—The Israeli Anti-discrimination Legal Center," an organization that advocates for Israeli women who suffer sexual, physical and economic abuse.

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Dr. Yaakov Amsalem, Chair of Invasive Neuroradiology at Haifa's Rambam Hospital, saved a young stroke victim's life with a miracle operation.

Dr. Amsalem received specialized training in Invasive Neuroradiology as an ISEF International Fellow, and is one of just four physicians in Israel trained in this groundbreaking field.



Dozens of ISEF scholars were called up to reserve duty last month, and served bravely in Operation Protective Edge. Hundreds more were Yaron Samimi Volunteerdirectly affected by the constant barrage of rockets and air raid sirens, running back and forth to shelters.

Many of our scholars jumped into action to support the residents of Israel’s south and our brave soldiers, volunteering in bomb shelters, collecting food and toiletries, and visiting injured soldiers at hospitals throughout the country. Click here for some of our scholars’ inspiring stories.

We are so proud of all our student soldiers and volunteers, for their commitment to the safety of Israel’s citizens and for inspiring us with their goodwill. Our reservists are now safely back in their homes and we received this touching letter from one brave soldier: 

Dear Nina,

I am just back from the Gaza border, and wanted to send you this quick note.  I was in the first round of call-ups for reserve duty, so I closed my books and put on my uniform.

While I was stationed near at the border at my IDF post, people brought us hot meals and offered to do our laundry. In this crisis, it has been encouraging to see how we have all pulled together to reach our common goal. There are no people like our Jewish people! 

These have been hard weeks: words cannot describe the missiles shrieking overhead, and what our eyes have seen.

I hope everyone at ISEF is well.  Please think of us and our fellow ISEF students still at the front, and support us however you can. We really will appreciate ISEF’s help as time goes forward so we can finish our degrees on time and do positive things for Israel — in peace even more than in war.



Kobi R. is an ISEF scholar at Haifa University, and served as a combat soldier in Gaza last month.

Lighting the Path to Israel’s Future

This year, nearly 400 deserving young Israelis are studying for their degrees with the support of The ISEF Foundation.
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Since 1977, ISEF has granted over 19,000 scholarships to bright young Israelis from immigrant families and underserved communities.
Though Israel has changed greatly in the 37 years since ISEF began its work, one truth has remained – investing in education is the key to making a real difference in Israel’s future and in the lives of its young people.
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ISEF in Israel

ISEF scholars Christina Boizvh, Shlomi Laluz and Raam Peretz, organized a special care package drive for our brave soldiers in Gaza. Our scholars, residents of Beer Sheva and students at the Sami Shamoon College of Engineering in the Negev, collected food and toiletries, and assembled loving packages to send to reservists and IDF soldiers stationed throughout Gaza.

Many ISEF scholars are initiating drives and volunteering on behalf of our brave soldiers.


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Lily and Edmund Safra

ISEF was founded in 1977 by Edmond J. Safra z"l, Lily Safra and Nina Weiner.


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